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Creating a review process

Setting up reward arrangements is half the battle, the key is to review them regularly.

We have handled almost 50 years of reward structure reviews and believe that regular reviews are the best way to know just how effective your whole remuneration framework actually is. So we measure the full costs, discern trends, and assess the effect of changes in the labour market and in taxation policies.


  • Annual audit of all cash and non-cash benefits, evaluating their effectiveness
  • Help you understand changes in labour markets
  • Create new structures for pay, grading and progression
  • Make sure your pay strategies support your objectives
  • Motivate employees through new schemes and measure their success
  • Organise new systems for pay (including negotiation with trade unions)
  • Set up performance-related pay or team-based incentives
  • Analyse the costs of each benefit
  • Create targets for reducing expenditure
  • Generate savings from greater buying power
  • Streamline your administrative processes

Hands-on analysis

When we step in, we ensure that we delve deep into your structure and find the answers to the following questions -

  • What is your current return on investment in reward? 
  • Can you improve the way you invest in pay and benefits to get better results?
  • How do you use reward to improve results in HR key performance indicators?

Once we have the answers, we get to work on improving the remuneration structure and ensuring your review culture is enhanced. 

Can we help?

If you want to find out more about our services, events or our employment law and HR expertise contact us  on +44 161 703 5611 and one of our dedicated advisers would be more than happy to help.