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Watershed HR events

We host seminars, talks and annual events where our experts bring stakeholders together for meaningful discussion and expert collaboration.
We also hold regular private dinners for our clients at the RAC in London. Our private dinners are an opportunity for our clients to meet in a relaxed environment and exchange key industry insights as well as network, listen to speakers and share expert knowledge.
Employment law annual update 2019 - Manchester and London - 4th and 6th June

Watershed hosted its free annual update on employment law for 2019 on the 4th of June in London and the 6th in Manchester.

HR's role is ever-changing and none more so than as we move towards the end of the decade. We discussed HMRC auditing compliance with the national minimum wage and how employers are being caught out in ways that they did not expect.

We also covered managing transgender, bigender, trigender, pangender and other forms of gender identity in the workplace, and part-time working and how to avoid unlawful treatment. And of course, our annual update would not have been complete without our look at recent case law and legislative changes that you need to know about. We guided the attendees through what's happening in Employment law and suggested how best to deal with the challenges posed.

Our seminars in 2020

Each seminar is purposely designed to give HR experts up-to-date information on the latest employment law trends and HR practices. After the positive response we received from attendees at our 'Managing mental health in the workplace' seminar in December 2018, we decided to launch a series of insightful and topical HR seminars throughout 2019 in both London and Manchester.

Topics that we covered during 2019 included restrictive covenants, the 'Gig economy' and redundancy myths.  The first of our seminars in 2020 was 'Race, religion and belief discrimination: the latest developments' on 28th January (Manchester) and 29th January (London).

The remainder of our seminars for 2020 are currently on hold due to the uncertainly around the length of time that the restrictions for the COVID-19 outbreak will remain in place.

However, we will be running a free online Webinar on 'COVID-19: managing the impact' on Tuesday 31st March at 9.15am (to finish by 10.30am).  Click the link below to register for the webinar.

Our private dining events in 2019

The first of our private dining events was hosted by Andrew Stephenson, the Group People Director of Lookers plc, at the RAC in Central London on the evening of 12th March 2019.  These exclusive, invitation only events are designed to bring together senior HR practitioners to share experiences and insights in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

Before leading the people, customer experience and IT functions at Lookers, Andrew was the Group HR and Property Director at DFS Furniture.  His work on customer experience within DFS was not only a major part of the investment story at IPO but has also been the focus of doctoral level academic work.  A paper was published on the link between customer experience and company performance, which was awarded the 2018 best full conference paper by the British Academy of Management.

Can we help?

If you want to find out more about our services, events or our employment law and HR expertise contact us  on +44 161 703 5611 and one of our dedicated advisers would be more than happy to help.